No ropes on the ridge!
After an amazing start to the season the weather warmed up and the temperatures reached around 10 degrees in the valley around Christmas. Needless to say this made skiing low down pretty average and we had to go higher to find some decent snow. The Aiguille du Midi opened late this year because they had to change part of the cable, I missed the opening as I went back to Norway for a family Christmas. Today was my first day up there for the season. It has been strong NNW winds for the last couple of days and that usually means that the Gros Rognon will be in better shape that most other runs. It delivered again; nice creamy, fresh snow and only one track before we got in. The glacier is really filled in and things are looking good for the foreseeable future. 

Gear of the day:

I got the new GoPro Hero 3 for Christmas and tried it out for the first time today. It's a pretty amazing little camera with lots of new and interesting settings. My favorit so far is the ability to shot still frames while filming. I have never been a big fan of wearing the GoPro on the helmet, and today I tried out a new little mod. that I have been working on: I have taken the chest harness and modified it so it attaches to my Arcteryx Quintic 28 backpack. I have been trying to minimise the the clutter I wear skiing everyday and by attaching it directly to my pack I no longer have to wear the chest harness, and it also doubles the chest strap for the pack.  It is really easy to operate and I think the angle works pretty good. In the future I will probably try to get the angle a little higher so you can see more of the view, but for the first try I am pretty happy with the result.
GoPro pack mod.
Two tracks in the cream!
9/5/2013 09:09:09 pm

Wow! the view is superb. I particularly liked your idea of using the back pack strap to attach the GoPro Hero 3. This will make sure that you need to carry less weigth around and also gives a great angle fo rthe camera.


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