The Arc'teryx Quintic ski pack fully loaded and ready for a day of powderskiing at the Midi. Photo: Adan Clark
I first had a look at the Quintic ski pack last season, Erik "Hoji" Hjorleifson was using a prototype while we skied together here in Chamonix. At first the pack looked overly complicated to me, with to many bells and whistles (zippers) I have always liked classic ski packs with one main compartment and a lid and the quintic is anything but that. Arc'teryx sent me a Quintic 28L this fall and i decided to give it an extra chance as Hoji loved  it  (he actually was part of the design team) and he generaly knows whats up when it comes to ski gear. 

Fit: Fit is one of the most important parts of a ski pack, if it dosen't fit correctly it will bounce around and generally be a pain in the a...   The Quintic fits better than any other pack I have ever used! It hugs your body in an amazing way and most of the time I forget that it is even there. The Quntick comes in 3 different sizes for a perfect fit, I went for a small, which fits great. I like how the shoulder straps are low bulk and that the hip belt has no padding as it is not needed with all the clothing I am wearing anyway. The back panel keeps it's shape even when the pack is fully loaded and the pack carries equally well stuffed to the rim with gear for a full day out as it does with the bare minimum for resort skiing.

Material: The Quintic pack is made out of 840D Ballistic Nylon, the material feels incredible and should last for years of hard mountain use. So far after 2 months of use I can see no sign of wear and tear at all.

The Tool pocket fully loaded.
General design: 
The pack looks like what has been known as a clamshell design, but this is before you get into the details. Most clamshell design packs have their main acess zipper on top of the pack. The Quintic you acsess the main compartment through a side zipper on the lower right half of the pack. There is a matching zipper on the lower left side of the pack witch opens a great big pocket. To make identification of the main compartment zipper easier, the material on this side of the pack is black. On top of the pack there is three zippers the one closest to the back opens a big pocket that can be moved to facilitate acess the main compartment. The one in the middle opens the tool compartment and the last one opens another pocket that is ideal for goggles/sunglasses. The two side zippers can be opend when wearing the pack, the left pocket is ideal for a waterbottle, skins  or other items that you need easily accessible. The avalanche tool pocket is big enough to hold my full size Voile shovel,probe, ice axe, bivi bag, firstaid kit and skins. I really like how the  ice axe fits inside the pack so I donsen't poke anyone in the eye on the way up the lift. At first the pocket configuration was a little confusing, but now after using it for a while; all my gear has found their place in the pockets and I woulden't be without any of them.

Helmet carry system.
Ski carry:
The Quintic pack gives you the option of carrying your skis A frame style or diagonally. I love this, as both ways have it's advantages and disadvantages; A frame carry is great for long boot packs as it is more stable and keeps the weight closer to your body, but takes longer to set up. The diagonally carry on the other hand is very quick to set up but dosen't carry as well as the weight is further from your body. On the Quintic pack you can choose the the system that will work the best for your needs at any time. The outside straps also works great for attaching your helmet to the pack and will also work for ice axes if you prefer to attache it to the outside. It will also carry a snowboard both horizontally and vertically. The diagonally ski loop can be pushed into it's own little compartment when not in use. 

Summary: With the Quintic pack Arc'teryx has created what in my opinion is the best skipack ever! As with alot of brilliant designs it takes a couple of days to see why it shines brighter that the rest, but when you do, it's hard to get enough. I can honestly say that the Quintic pack makes my days skiing in the mountains even more enjoyable than before.
The Quintic pack in action!
Arc'teryx Quintic 28L:

28L short     1280g
28L Regular 1340g
28L Tall       1410g


840D Ballistic Nylon

The Quintic ski pack looks quite sturdy to me. I am an amateur in skiing and love the tips you have been posting here. I am extremely happy to let you know that I too have ordered a Quintic ski pack for my skiing expeditions.


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