The North East face of Mont Buet looks amazing from a distance, spines are not very common in the Alps, but the North East Face of the Buet has plenty of them. On most years the face has a hugh cornice on top that makes it hard to get into the face and on low snow years the canyon to get out from the bottom of the face can be the crux of the day. This year the top cornice is unusually small and the snow pack is very solid all the way to the valley, so in other words; perfect for this face. Fellow Arcteryx athlete (arc'athlet) Forrest Coots were in town with his friend Andre from Whistler. I had never skied with Forrest before but figured this would be a great warm up together. We found a mixed bag of snow on the face, pretty firm stuff in the gully and great light pow on the spines. All in all a great ski and a fun day in the mountains with some new friends.
The line we skied
Forrest and Andrew on the long slog to the summit of Buet
Steep spines and plenty of slough on the way down

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