Low expectation days almost always seem to deliver. This morning the weather looked pretty average and look outside confirmed the weather report from yesterday; 10cm of fresh snow. After a hectic hour of skype and phone calls to get a team and a plan together, Nate Wallace and myself decided to give Midi a try even though we were sure it was going to" dust on crust". At Midi we ran into Olli Herren and Jim Lee ,two old ski buddies from the valley. We decided to go to the Rognon as it always seems to collect a bit more snow than the rest. The first pitch down from the ridge skied ok, but was pretty windblown and getting across the glacier was pretty slow as we were first and had to break trail in a strong head wind. The first pitch of the Rognon skied ok but the wind had put a little crust on top and it was a little funky to make turns, much as excepted, but as we skied into the second pitch things went from ok to unbelievable! 
I am not over exaggerating when I say I had problems breathing! The snow was so deep and light I could barley see anything and breathing became a real issue as the snow filled my mouth every time I took a breath. The Voelkl Shiro felt like a skinny ski and I had to make turns to come up for air, absolutely EPIC!
Jim and Olli wondering how to make it back to town.
I had my gopro on a chest mount and shoot a time laps while skiing, out of 560 shoots I got maybe ten were you can actually see anything, the rest of the time the lens was covered in snow.
One of the few shoots from today were you can actually see something!

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